Ensembles bundle an entire Symphony project, including its database and workspace files, into an installable package.


Ensembles are packaged copies of a Symphony project. Created from within the admin interface, ensembles bundle the system — along with its database and workspace files — into an installable .Zip archive. Ensembles can be used to back up, migrate, or distribute a project. Community-contributed ensembles.


Ensembles can be created by logging into the admin interface, navigating to System > Preferences, and clicking the “Create Ensemble” button. Your server will need to have PHP’s Zip module enabled.

Ensembles can be installed by following the general installation instructions for Symphony (see “Install Symphony”).

Note that ensembles will not copy custom database tables, including those created by third-party extensions. If your project includes non-core tables, be sure to backup or migrate your SQL separately. Full database packaging is planned for a future version of Symphony.


Ensembles are essentially copies of a Symphony project, and so their structure mirrors that of Symphony itself.

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Ensembles are a convenient way to package and share a Symphony project. Because Symphony is so open and flexible, there are many possible use cases. A developer, for example, could build a highly customized CMS or web application and package it for distribution and installation with the click of a button. An agency, on the other hand, could use ensembles to scaffold common project types for rapid deployment and development.

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